Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Enormous Microscopic Evening, with Phil Ross

This just in from Phil Ross:

Admission: Free!
Come down to the Hammer Museum on November 6th from 4-7 PM and get small in a big way at Enormous Microscopic Evening! This free event will celebrate and demonstrate the range of equipment people are using to explore the invisible, from state of the art futuristic equipment to home made one-of-a-kind technologies.

Observe mesmerizing and sublime live images created by experts, amateurs, and hobbyists who will share how they practice their craft. Live music will accompany your journey into the enormously microscopic, where you can see dancing DNA, view miniature life through the eye of an IMAX camera, and take home a portrait of your own cheek cell to hang on your fridge. What might a world with over a billion connected microscopes look like? Enormous Microscopic Evening will be demonstrating the possibilities of using cheap and powerful networked microscopes. Learn how “social microscopy” is being used in medicine, mapping and environmental safety, and changing the way we look at the whole world in the process.

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