Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some new events

This just in from Philip Ross, who is one of the speakers for our November 9th course cluster conference at MOCA, and will be one of the visiting speakers in Tom Leeser's course as well:

"i will be down in LA a few days before your november 9th conference, curating an event at the hammer museum called 'enormous microscopic evening' that is part of my CRITTER salon. this will take place on november 6th and will bring together numerous scientists, technologists and amateurs to show off their instruments. the day before the event i will be organizing a workshop at machine project, with rich pell teaching folks how to make web cam based microscopes and myself demonstrating how to recreate the original leeuwenhoek device. i will send you more on all of this as we get our press machine in order."

For more info, see our events page.

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