Wednesday, November 10, 2010


this link will take you to the experiment that mike bryant is performing with the students in his sex and death class:

here's the introduction to the experiment:

Thank you for logging into the” CSSM265 Sex and Death” voice experiment

Your voluntary participation is appreciated! The people who have provided their voice samples are volunteers and know what this experiment is about. Your answers are anonymous and the voice volunteers will never know how you responded to their voice. They will not even know in aggregate.

Please answer the questions honestly. You may leave questions blank if you do not want to answer them.
Please do not participate in this experiment if you are under 18 years old!
Click on "Take our Experiment" to continue. Instructions for participating in the experiment can be found on the next page.

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  1. The results from the CSSM265 class experiment are in! Each student had their own question, hypothesis and prediction but in general terms the following can be said:

    Straight females find lower voices more attractive while straight males found higher voices more attractive (males are a little more complex than this simple statement but the general interpretation is the same). Gay or Bisexual listeners exhibited the exact same pattern that their straight counterparts. One really interesting result was that females who are in relationships tend to find voices more attractive in general than those who reported being single. These results are consistent with what Martie Haselton’s work was founded on. Our study differs in that we were able to examine how human mate choice patterns for vocal pitch differ (or as we found, do not differ) based on sexual orientation